1. Gerald BrownGez

    The Mazda drivers probably just “zoom zoomed” out of there! Once again the photography is spectacular. I have often flown over that region on my way to Singapore and wondered what it is like. Thanks for the insight, Frances and I are looking forward to our travels. Your blogs provide good research into the best places to visit.


    • Geoff

      Too much tele, Gez?

      All roads in/out of the West MacDonnell Ranges are sealed with exception into Redbank Gorge where we saw the Mazda 3. Interestingly, when back in Alice Springs, we did notice a couple of salvage trucks and we’d reckon these guys would do a roaring business in the winter months conducting 2WD & 4WD rescues of people stuck out in the desert as a lot of people we’ve seen (& met) are ill prepared. Perhaps the Mazda 3 had to use them too – who knows?

      Glad to hear our trip notes are useful for planning of your own trip and check out our National Park Visit page https://hunterdomain.net/2016/01/19/national-park-visits/ as we update these each time we visit a new park and we’ve updated a few of the older ones too. GH


  2. Mel

    I am loving following your adventures! Are you thinking about publishing them? The posts are wonderful and your photography is sublime! If you are send me an email as I have some brilliant connections now I’m doing more publishing stuff. Michael and me often sit on the couch and have a chat about your posts and wondering at how all our kids have grown so much! Happy journeys, and I’m looking forward to reading more 🙂 love to all

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    • Geoff

      Hey Mel, we haven’t thought to publish our blog, only the odd image here and there we receive an inquiry on. I guess it begs the question though; would people honestly pay money for our travel ramblings …and when you mean publish, presumably a book of some type do you mean? GH



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