1. Grant C

    That’s brilliant Geoff! Just watching you come down the coast while I have lunch…. Bit of a late start this morning too 😉 Got to love technology.


    • Geoff H

      Hi Grant,

      It must have been like watching the F1 live-telemetry watching us come down the coast while nudging an ave 91kms p/h yesterday – hate those big head winds like we had yesterday whilst towing the van.

      It Hit 41deg too – we didn’t enjoy that too much so were moving towards some mercury respite for the next few days in Karijini NP – a cool 35Deg there and no electricity available. 🙂

      Glad you liked the new toy!!


  2. Gez

    If you are outside the Westpac bank in Port Headland then it is great Geoff. Wow the technology thesedays is fantastic.


  3. Paul

    Hi Geoff, Celia and boys..
    Good to see you are immersing yourself in everything that Coral Bay has to offer, you’ve visited just about every beach and cove!! Wondering if you have experienced the weather front making its way north yet?? We have had quite a bit over the last 24 hours. A nice change!

    We’ve hit the Swan Valley tonight ofter a few nights at Monkey Mia, and a couple at Hamelin Pool (Launch pad to Steep Point – amazing!)

    Love the blog and photos, looking forward to staying in touch with your journey!
    Paul, Danielle, Zoe and Byron.


    • celiahunter

      Thanks guys! We really love it here and will be sad to leave. Hamelin Pool and Steep Point are on our list.
      Only one night of BIG wind, then back to blue water and white sand again. Enjoy the Swan Valley, we could do with a bit of gourmet food and wine about now!
      Hope to catch up with you guys again,
      the Hunters



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