1. Meagan Roberts

    Hi Hunter Family!! We love reading your blog. Ian and I did these places back in the days before kids, so reading your stories is a bit like a trip down memory lane! I wonder if Fitzroy Crossing has changed at all in the 20 odd years since we’ve been there. Had a very interesting night in the pub there……. Happy travels, and I hope the weather cools down for you very, very soon! Meagan xx


    • Geoff H

      Hi Meagan – great to hear from you.

      We briefly stopped in Fitzroy Crossing about 1.5 weeks ago to refuel and it didn’t look too flash to be fair with a lot of vandalism acutely evident throughout the town. This said though, a lot of towns in the northern areas of WA (even in NT) show similar signs of the various problems our country folk have and it’s quite sad in my opinion. I can’t help but feel sorry for them and wish we (the Gov’t) could come up with new solutions that may make a material difference to help their cause, but i’m not holding my breath. Geoff

      Temp tomorrow in Pilbara – 39-41 deg (we’re all thinking of Thredbo)



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