1. Meagan

    I found this post so interesting, Geoff. And quite sad. Ian and I visited Litchfield around 20 years ago and we took away nothing but wonderful memories. In fact, at the time, we could hardly believe there were so FEW people visiting, when it was just so magnificent. It seemed as though the rest of Australia was yet to discover this hidden gem. I remember vividly relaxing in Buley’s rock pools. We hopped from pool to pool, sharing the odd one with a couple of grey nomads we kept crossing paths with through Litchfield and Kakadu. Wow, I’m pleased to have those memories. Sounds like a very different experience nowadays.


    • Geoff

      Hi Meagan – sadly, things do change and not always for the better. We’ve visited a lot of National Parks on our trip (36 in total so far) with another 10-15 still to do and by fair margin, Litchfield has been the most disappointing for us. Clearly the NT govt are pushing tourism by the number of tourist buses we saw in the park which is fine – but the park looks to struggle with the sheer numbers. The other day I was reading a 10-year Litchfield NP management plan and the good news is the problems with the park have been noted with an action plan (federally funded) to be implemented by 2020. It will be a few years, but things should improve. G



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