1. Gez

    Another enjoyable post. It brings back memories of when we were staying up at Port Douglas. I can distinctly remember Lara and Lucy in the back of the rental car singing and clapping to the song “Rolling in the deep” and thinking that this is a one hit wonder because it got stuck in my head. Well I guess Adele doesn’t agree. The boys certainly have their priorities right. The Thai in Port Douglas is terrific.


    • Geoff

      Thx Gez.

      Its interesting how music can often remind us of the places we visit when travelling. We don’t have Adele reminding us of any of the many places we have travelled through so far …will it remain this way until the end? Nothing against Adele, but just quietly, I hope so 🙂

      I neglected to mention the Thai in Port Douglas was very good, especially after a 11 hour touring day and the boys enjoyed it which was the main thing.



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