1. David and Kerrie

    How are you guys ever going to settle back to norbillty.? We are back at Mission Beach our home is rented until
    The end of January now. We dont now how we we we will cope with looking after a home and 1/3 of an acre again and the cleaning of a house after the van.How is your job prospects looking Geof?.Arewe to have you as neighbours. Love your blog and the photo’s are amazing love to you both and Locky and Aiden xxKerrie and David


  2. kdudin

    Can’t eat coal, can’t drink gas. Governments don’t seem to care and certainly don’t seem to monitor this exploitation of Australias natural, finite and precious assets.

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    • Geoff

      Exactly Kim …begs the question; Are we ever likely to move completely away from relying on fossil fuels …not likely for decades, possibly not even in my lifetime which is extremely sad.



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