• Geoff

      Hi Meagan,

      Apologies for missing your comment last month – not sure what happened there.

      Yes indeed, make sure you plan at some stage to get over to Ningaloo Reef – it is a magical place and even more now (to us) since we’ve had time to reflect. Just make sure when you do plan to go you do so between the months of May-July. These are the cooler months also (mid to high 20’s most days) and all the whale sharks are there during this time and they are not too far from shore on the right tides. Unfortunately, we were too late in the season and missed them which is a great excuse for us to go back as well. 🙂



  1. sonya carpenter

    Geoff your photography is magical, the first photograph look like Caspian Terns, (admittedly i had to look them up) the wings are beautiful and light, you have captured the atmosphere perfectly ….the hols look like they are progressing extremely well, good to see a 4×4 bogged in the sand (always a good sign)..love the cooking set up Sis – Geoff should bring out the cat-o-nine tails sometime for that spacial banquet 🙂 (we are rightly being publicly tutored by Malcolm Turnbull on the dangers and ridiculousness of violence toward women, so we should snicker just a bit more softly at our homegrown comments)…sharks yes!! a WA specialty – lucky you weren’t on the menu, great to hear the boys are bug hunting, and those cute little pigeons have definitely adopted you “mummy” :)!


    • Geoff

      Thanks Sonya for the kind comments. I don’t have the right focal length in lenses for bird-photography to get reasonably close from a distance …so I have adopted a stalking method I once read to get “sorta close” as these seabirds are not as curious or tame as those lovely Pigeons. BTW, I do have a nice photo of a Caspian Tern in flight (one ones in CBay were Fairy Terns we’ve since found out) that I shot last week coming up in the next post – keep an eye out for that one and let me know if you can spot the difference? (We had to buy a bird field guide to help us identify all the birds we’re seeing 🙂



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