What’s in a number? Trip Stat’s # 1


Hi Everyone,

Whilst we’re sitting out a low pressure system skirting Coral Bay today (too windy for fishing or snorkelling), we thought it was about time we share with you some random trip stats 76 days in.

Some stats are assembled calculated by the D4’s onboard computer, other’s from our trip logs, HEMA maps, SPOT, as well as the boys iPad’s and their eagle eyes to spot and track various stuff … all consolidated in a spreadsheet shown below.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 7.01.54 pm

A screenshot of our Trip Stats Log …so far!

A couple of fingers have also been bitten (from nothing venomous or mildly dangerous, perhaps a matter of perspective though?) in the process of collecting some data points and we’ve also started working a little harder to alter a few (...not all I might add) of the zero stat categories.

If there is a particular stat you feel we should be tracking without too much trouble not in the current list that would be interesting, please do let us know and why and we’ll take a look at it …so all feedback, recommendations and even random silly stuff most welcome. 🙂

The Hunters!